Top Reasons to Buy Bulk at The Good Food Store
  • The Good Food Store has over 800 items in bulk.
  • Reduced carbon footprint. Avoid excess packaging on products from coffee to body care to household cleaning.
  • You can buy that in bulk?! From ketchup to yogurt to peanut butter to tofu, GFS offers hard-to-find bulk items. Pack them up in an ECO•Takeout for a food-safe, zero waste option.
  • Fight food waste. In the US, upwards of 30% of food is wasted – a huge carbon impact. Minimize food waste by shopping in bulk and getting just the right amount.
  • Buy fresh. Get just what you need, as you need it, keeping your pantry contents fresh and flavorful.
  • Save on staples. The bulk department includes many Good Choices offerings – get kitchen essentials for low prices.
  • Buy frugal. Need just a little? No need to buy a huge container. Need a lot? Discounts are available on most bulk items when ordered by the case.
  • Buy quality. GFS has high product standards. We carefully evaluate new products for quality, freshness, unadulterated ingredients, truth in labeling, humane treatment of animals, and environmental impact.
  • Thoughtful choices. GFS gives preference to organic, non-GMO, fair trade, and local items when bringing in new bulk products.

The Good Food Store provides Missoula with one of the largest bulk departments in the country
See our Bulk Numerical Codes PDF to identify that mystery bulk product in your pantry that has a number on it, but not a name. Or download one of the PDF’s below for more information about bulk spices or preparation instructions for our other bulk foods.
  Spices A-Z
  Spice Blends
  Bulk Mixes
  Hot Cereals & Milk Powders
  Bulk Numerical Codes

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