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Green Tips from GFS
Earth Day is a time to reflect on our responsibility to the planet and take action towards a more sustainable lifestyle. But we can keep it going. At the Good Food Store, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. Here are some ways we can all be a little greener:

Increase the proportion of plant-based foods in your diet: Producing red meat and dairy is carbon-intensive and creates a lot of greenhouse gases. Incorporating more plant-based foods is a simple, powerful way to shrink the carbon footprint of your diet. Replacing red meat and dairy with plant-based options, even for just a few meals a week, is a small change with a big impact.

Declare war on food waste: With estimates that as much as 20% of the food Americans purchase winds up being tossed, food waste is another major contributor to our carbon footprint - bad for the Earth and for your wallet. To reduce your food waste:
  • Make a Plan: Meal planning ahead of time and shopping with a list can help you avoid buying food you won't use. Stick to your list when you're at the grocery store to avoid impulse buys and save money.
  • "Right size" your cart: Supersize packages may seem like a good deal, but it's only a bargain if you'll really use it. Buying smaller amounts more frequently helps ensure you'll use what you buy before it goes bad.
  • Manage your inventory: Keep track of what's in your fridge and freezer so you can use up what you have and avoid spoilage.
  • Store it well: Storing your food correctly can extend its shelf life. Keep produce in the crisper drawer, store meat in the coldest part of your fridge, and use airtight containers for leftovers.
Choose locally produced foods in season: We know choosing to buy local benefits our economy and supports our local food security. Being a "locavore" can also have significant environmental benefits:
  • A shorter "commute": Food produced locally requires less carbon to reach you.
  • In season: Food produced in season may require fewer inputs and be less carbon-intensive than food grown out of season.
  • Pass on packaging: Locally produced food is often available with little or no packaging.
Rethink packaging: The Good Food Store is dedicated to offering alternatives to single-use packaging wherever we can:
  • BYO Container: Most GFS bulk items can be dispensed into customers' clean containers from home. Just make sure to have us weigh your container empty before you shop, so we can deduct the container weight at checkout.
  • Eco-Takeouts: In 2012 we introduced Eco-Takeouts, our reusable to-go container program. For a small deposit, customers get revolving use of a sanitized container to use at our self-serve food bars, deli- and meat & seafood counters, and for those bulk items where "home containers" are not permitted. After a decade, we are approaching 1,500 Eco-Takeouts in circulation, replacing single-use disposables every day.
  • Returnable glass jars: In 2020 we began packaging many of our signature deli offerings in returnable glass jars instead of single-use disposables. With this change, we've been able to forego tons (literally!) of disposables, and the program has been hugely successful.
  • Keep it out of the landfill: Reducing the amount of packaging and food waste we generate in the first place is priority #1, but some amount is inevitable. In recent years dedicated Missoulians have launched services to help our community keep resources cycling and out of the landfill. The Good Food Store is proud to partner with Recycling Works for glass recycling and Missoula Compost for collection of our food waste and Certified Biodegradable packaging materials.
At the Good Food Store, we believe that small changes can make a big difference, and we encourage our customers to join us in our efforts to create a more sustainable future.

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