You’ll find handcrafted cheeses from around the world in the Good Food Store’s cheese corner, including a few favorites crafted right here in Western Montana. Our knowledgeable cheese staff can help you select, and let you sample, the perfect cheese for what’s on your menu.
New Arrivals
Alp Blossom Cheese
Hailing from Western Austria’s “Hay Belt”, Alp Blossom is a stunningly beautiful Alpine cheese. The wheel is coated with a blend of local edible flowers and herbs native to the land that the Brown Swiss cows graze. With beefy and brothy flavors coming from the cheese, and floral, herbaceous flavors coming from the rind, Alp Blossom is a truly unique and unforgettable cheese.
The Good Food Store provides Missoula with cheeses from around the world
Montgomery’s Cheddar
In Somerset, England (20 miles from Cheddar, England) the Montgomery family produces one of the most traditional Cheddars still on the market. It is made from unpasteurized Friesian-Holstein cow’s milk, bandage wrapped, and aged 12-14 months. The traditional recipe creates a savory, rich, robust Cheddar with hints of cured meat and sweet fruit. Montgomery’s Cheddar is a staple in England and is a great addition to any charcuterie board.

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