Eat These Foods for Energy

If you are feeling lethargic, adopting certain eating habits could help raise your spirits. To help you do just that, the Washington Post shared these tips:

  • Eat on schedule. Ideally, try to eat every three to five hours so you’re providing your body with steady energy by encouraging gentle blood sugar rises. Going without eating for longer than that could leave you feeling famished and drained. An ideal energizing meal or snack includes slow-digesting carbs like whole grains and vegetables, along with some lean protein and healthy fat.
  • B energized. Make sure you’re getting adequate amounts of the vitamin B-complex—a combination of eight B vitamins which can aid your body's transfer of energy. Food sources of certain B vitamins include fish, poultry, meat, eggs, and dairy products. Leafy greens, lentils, beans, peas, and whole grains also contain B vitamins.
  • Eat to sleep. Of course, the best way to stay energized is to get enough shut-eye. Slumber-supporting nutrients include magnesium, found in whole grains, nuts, leafy greens, and fish; melatonin, found in tart cherry juice; and vitamin B6, found in tuna and bananas, which your body needs to make melatonin.

Source: Washington Post

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